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Name Of The Product: Countries Flag Sudoku.

Difficulty Level: Easy to medium.

Age: It is eligible for 9-12 years of children.

Product Specifications:
1. This game has three wooden Sudoku of 9 by 9 inches with various cut-outs to solve the puzzle and enjoy playing the game.

1. This game not only includes 9 countries flags but also their currencies and animals that make the game more interesting and amazing for kids to learn and solve the puzzle.
2. It increases their mental ability as well as focus on each and every part of the puzzle.
3. This game has something to learn so it promotes healthy competition among children’s and improves problem-solving skills.
4. It improves their thinking ability and concentration level.
5. It serves as a guide to help them understand and analyze the difference between the whole and the part.

How To Play:
1. It is a puzzle game that is partially filled and children’s have to fill the rest in a way that each object comes in the rows and columns once.
2. They have to solve the puzzle using their brain skills to put the correct object in the right place.

Packing and Items Included:

It has 3 wooden boards to help them play.
Various cut-outs to solve the puzzle and learn.
Great packaging in an ecofriendly jute bag.

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