Countries- National Animal

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Name of the Product: National Animals of Countries Sudoku

Difficulty Level: Difficult

Suit For:
It is a game that aims at educating children, along with giving them the fun of playing a game.

Age: 9-12 years.

Product Material:
National Animals of Countries Sudoku comes as a 10 by 10- inch wooden board with different cut-outs to solve the puzzle.

A fun and interactive way of improving the memory for children, this game also enhances their attention span, reduces stress level, and develops problem-solving abilities.
They also get a clear idea about national animals in different countries.

How to Play:
Sudoku is played on a partially filled grill.
The task for the kids who are playing is to complete the arrangement using the cut-outs in a way so that the entries in each row, each column, and each major block are different when approached pairwise.
They also need to make sure that each of the five blocks has all the objects within its square only once.

Packing And Items Included:
It comes in an environment-friendly jute bag.
The game also contains a wooden Sudoku board along with 45 cut-outs for the puzzles.

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