Dining Etiquettes

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Dining Etiquettes
Food Games consists of a whole package through which you can teach your little ones about food, table manners and nutrition. The learning process about different kinds of dining etiquettes will become easier when you buy this set.

Product Specifications:
A3 sheet Formal Dining Etiquettes – Velcro – Experiential learning sheet
A3 sheet In-Formal Dining Etiquettes – Velcro – Experiential learning sheet
A3 sheet food pyramid sheet which enables the child to understand the concept of carbohydrate, fibre etc. which enables healthy eating habits in child.

The game is completely made in India and does not contain any harmful or hazardous substance.

The game playfully educates children about dining etiquettes and table manners.
While playing this game, your child will acquire special skills and knowledge.

How to Play:
The best part about Dining Etiquettes is that it does not consist of a single activity or game. Your child can play any games from dining etiquettes to learning different kind of foods.

5 to 12 years.

Package Details: Food Game consists of a kit , with different puzzles and games like

  • Dining etiquettes- Formal and Informal along with cutouts
  • Food pyramid sheet – Rewritable which differentiates between carbs, protein and fibers .

The instructions are written on the respective games inside the jute bag.


Dimensions – 12x17 inches

Dimensions of – 20x20x2

Ships in – 2 Days

Ships from – Indore, MP

Country of Origin - India

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