Do Sir Wala Pakshi - Book 8 (Panchtantra Ki Kahaniyan) : Story books Children Book by Dreamland Publications

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Book: Do Sir Wala Pakshi - Book 8 (Panchtantra Ki Kahaniyan)
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Stories have an important place in our lives. ‘Do Sir Wala Pakshi’ this beautifully illustrated story from Panchatantra is presented in a very simple language that teaches us a moral lesson that ‘Sharing of a good thing with others is always good’.•32 pages•Ideal for age-group 4-7 years•Easy-to-understand language•Amazing illustrations•Colourful cover•Inculcates reading habitThis story tells children that it is very important for every child to learn the importance of caring and sharing. Jealousy is harmful. It makes children learn that if they share, it will not only help them make friends but also help them remove the feelings of jealousy.

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