DROP IT | Family Fun Game

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Rs. 299


A fast paced game of elimination where you get to decide your cards and you decide if they can be eliminated, all through a rather loud, noisy and hilarious discussion with the other players! Now you can never complain, that you did not have the correct cards in your hand.

How to play:

  • Choose a category card
  • On your Drop IT cards, write different names in respect to the category
  • On the basis of the token picked up, start eliminating your cards
  • Convince others on why you are eliminating a particular card
  • First person to eliminate all cards wins.

So, why should you buy this:

  • New Challenges with every round
  • Unique Answers to various Categories
  • Convincing Skills are tested
  • One of the few games which are not based on any form of luck at all.

Age: 7+

Dimensions & Weight: 3.5*5 inches 0.5kg

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