Evolutive Board - (15 cards and 70 movable alphabets)

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A learning material for children of ages 3+ years whereby they can practice reading and writing in a fun, creative and open-ended way! The Evolutive Board is a manipulative that involves physical tools of teaching and engaging a child visually and physically with objects such as word cards and movable alphabets, which are included in the box; and can be extended for use with lego, play doh, geostix, magnetic tiles, blocks, figurines, or any material from their imagination such as pebbles, twigs, straws, chalk, etc. Our movable letters are coloured to reflect the Montessori principles, and have blue letters for vowels, and red letters for consonants.

With the help of the Evolutive Board, your children will develop their vocabulary, diction and an enhanced knowledge of new words in the dictionary.

Evolutive Board aims to help a child build their - Vocabulary and language, Gross and fine motor skills, Creativity and imagination, Phonics - CVC, CVVC, sight and puzzle words, Confidence around reading and writing,

Helps in interpreting visually,  Helps them master spelling a word, both phonetically & orthographically / This board consists of 3 distinct sections, the "read" section, where you can place one of 15 word cards provided, or use a toy/figurine for an added challenge for those avid spellers! Then have the child "build" the word using the 70 movable alphabets given, or "create" the word using a fun material like dough or lego. And last but certainly not least, have them write the word or draw on the chalkboard "write" section of the board.

Remember to include a cloth or duster so the child can remove or fix their writing on the chalkboard.

Age Guidance : 3+ Years

Material :  Beechwood, Paper & Felt

Content : 1 wooden board [Beechwood], 15 word cards [Paper], 70 movable alphabets [Felt] that come inside an organic cloth bag.

Product Dimension : 300mm x 300mm x 30mm

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