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Isn’t it true that the Moon raises a fascination in all of us, right from childhood? Almost every child would have yearned to touch the shiny disc in the sky. From the darkness of the moonless nights to the ethereal glow of the full moon nights, the moon teaches us that change is an integral part of life. A beautiful learning experience to
understand that no state is permanent.

It is this idea which encouraged us to come up with a story of 3 children who took up an adventure to reach and explore the Moon. Their excitement and awe are palpable, and we are sure a child reading this book will feel their beautiful emotions and experiences! As parents, you will have the chance to induct your child to
appreciate the wonder that is the Space! We have meticulously researched and presented you the exact techni-cal details of the Moon missions.

Besides, presenting you the opportunity to bond with your child, this book has all the right elementsfor a gripping read. The story flows smoothly, taking you along on an exhilarating journey to the Moon!

Author : Dr. Srimathy Kesan
Illustrator : Nithin Rao Kumblekar
Edition : 2020
Language : English
Product Dimension : 34 cm * 22.5 cm
Book Length : 40 pages
Paper/Cover : Paper back

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