Fluency Sentences Book 1 : Early Learning Children Book by Dreamland Publications

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Book: Fluency Sentences Book 1
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Fluency words are those necessary words that are commonly used in the English language. ‘Fluency Sentences’ is a book aiming to teach kids to learn to read, write and then put the fluently used words into simple sentences. This book will serve as a great reading foundation for children.•Ideal for ages 4-7 years •Pages 64•Colourful presentation •Educative and entertaining•Building block for reading success•Lots of engaging activities•Strong foundation for literacy•Cute cover designThis educative and entertaining book will help kids improve their vocabulary, language skills and become efficient readers. It will make kids trace, write, and read each word, then use it in a sentence to help them enhance their language skills. It will help children strengthen their spelling skills while developing their recognising common words skills by accurately using them in sentences.

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