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UNIQUE FOLDABLE POSTER: This is a unique foldable poster. You can open it and paste it on the wall like a wallbook. You can also keep it folded in the book shelf, open and read from it whenever you need to use it. This is printed in sustainably sourced good quality 350 GSM Paper. The Size of the Poster is 12 inches x 32 inches and is a four fold poster.

BEST SELLING SOLAR SYSTEM POSTER: The first fold is Ekdali's best selling Solar System poster. This depicts the solar system in cute and kid friendly manner. It has cool information about the sun, planets, satellites, kuiper belt etc. It is designed in eye catchy colours for young kids to get interested in the topic and ask a lot questions

EVOLUTION & DINOSAURS: After Solar system, understanding a bit about our own planet's life is next on the cards. The next two folds take the kid on a journey from formation of moon to evolution of man. No study of natural history for a kid is complete without delving into the favourite animals that once walked our earth - Dinosaurs and so the last page of the wallbook is dedicated to this.

AMAZING ALL IN ONE PACKAGE: The foldable poster comes with a story card and 6 amazing space prints. The story card is a narrative STEM story talking about different types of rocks. The space prints have motivational message and are a great addition to any kid's room decor.

INTELLECTUAL & UNIQUE GIFTING IDEA: This is a unique gifting idea for kids in the family and friends circle. It is a gift that will be cherished and is sure to make an impact . It is suitable for Kids of all ages.

Ships from – Bengaluru, KN

Country of origin - India 

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