Galaxy Raiders: A Strategy Board Game

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Humans have entered the Space Age! As the Commander General of your space fleet, you are in charge of finding and capturing new planets and moons. But, you must use all your powers to defeat the other Galaxy Raiders. Ready? Time warp...activate!

Galaxy Raiders is a game of planning, strategy and negotiation. Challenge your friends and family to see who will emerge victorious in this engaging battle of wits. Enjoy with them as they set forth on a galactic conquest to capture planets and moons using your mathematical prowess. For parents with young kids, it's the perfect way to introduce them to an entire learning multiverse. See them transform into problem-solving geniuses right before your eyes! A true interstellar skirmish, perfect for all ages!

Contains :

 6 Unique Planet Boards
1 Operation Dice
4 Player Console Mats
32 Player Pegs (Red/Blue/Green/Yellow)
100 Number Cards

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