Good English Learning combo (set of 3)

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This set of books can help your child develop command in English language at an early foundational stage.

This set of graded books will make your child good at Foundational English Language and prepare her/him well for formal school. There are a variety of skill development activities in the books. No separate practice book is essential with these books. The books cover phonics of English letters, their correct formation also writing and reading small CVC words. It will gradually let your child learn bigger words and then sentences covering the whole curriculum in a spiral manner. The books give practice of previous learning and introduction of new learning. Basic grammar skills are also covered thoroughly and lots of activities are included to develop speaking and reading skills.

1. Carefully graded English language development books
2. Variety of activities to develop speaking and reading skills
3. Curriculum is covered in a spiral manner 4. Prepares child for formal schooling.

Books :

  • Good English Level A
  • Good English Level B
  • Good English Level C

Good English A book teaches phonics-letter sound recognition, pattern writing, formation and practice of English capital letters, Letter sound rhymes and vocabulary.

Good English B revises patterns writing and capital letters, teaches small letters, beginning letters, middle letter-sound, story sorting, vowels, three letter words and rhyming words

Good English C revises capital and small letters, beginning letters, gives detailed practice of three letter words and sentence completion. It also teaches picture talk, all blends and digraphs that are to be taught to preschoolers, four letter words, rhyming words, sentences, picture story. Elementary English Grammar is also included: This/that, yes/no, a/an, in/on/under, I am, She/he, her/his, singular/plural, is/are, what/who, this/these, that/those, May I, action words, opposites, short, long sounds and more

Age Guidance : 3 - 5 years

Product Dimension :28 x 21.75 x 0.5  cm

Ships from Ghaziabad India

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