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"We are introducing our 2-in-1 ""Hindi Varnmala and Baarahkhadee"" chart, sized at 20*30 inches! This chart is a comprehensive learning tool for children to explore the Hindi alphabet (Varnmala) and the Baarahkhadee language.
On one side, the ""Hindi Varnmala"" section presents the Hindi alphabet with vibrant illustrations and clear examples. Children will discover Hindi's vowels (swear) and consonants (Ranjan). Each letter is accompanied by a corresponding word and image, allowing children to associate the letter's sound with real-life objects.
Conversely, the ""Baarahkhadee"" section introduces children to the Baarahkhadee language, a regional script used in specific areas of India. Children will learn about the unique characters and pronunciation of Baarahkhadee, enhancing their linguistic skills and cultural understanding.
This 2-in-1 chart is designed with tear-resistant and waterproof material, ensuring durability and longevity. The double-sided lamination protects against damage, making it suitable for home and classroom use. Its large size and eye-catching design make it an excellent educational resource for kindergarten and nursery students.
Hang this chart on the wall to create an immersive and interactive learning environment. It serves as a valuable reference tool for children to practice their Hindi alphabet and Baarahkhadee language skills independently or with guidance from parents and educators.
With our 2-in-1 ""Hindi Varnmala and Baarahkhadee"" chart, children will develop a strong foundation in language learning and expand their cultural knowledge. Inspire their curiosity and linguistic abilities with this engaging educational poster, perfect for home decor and classroom settings.

Material : Plastic
Content : 1 chart
Age Guidance : 5-15 yrs
Product Dimensions : 50.8 x 76.2 cm
Ships from New Delhi
Country Of Origin India

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