GOWOO - Good Habits

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Our Good Habits chart is perfect for any child's learning journey. Measuring 20 x 30 inches, it is printed on high-quality, non-tearable and waterproof material, making it durable and long-lasting. The chart is double-sided laminated for added protection and can withstand daily wear and tear.
This chart is ideal for homeschooling, kindergarten and nursery students, as it encourages the development of positive habits and behaviours. The colourful and engaging design features children’s illustrations demonstrating good habits such as brushing their teeth, eating healthy foods, and washing their hands. Each image is labelled with the corresponding pattern and spelling, making it a fun and interactive way for children to learn and practice their spelling.
In addition to its educational value, our Good Habits chart also makes for great home decor, brightening up any room with its vibrant colours and cute illustrations. It serves as a constant reminder for children to practice good habits and reinforces positive behavior.

Material : Plastic
Content : 1 chart
Age Guidance : 5-15 yrs
Product Dimensions : 50.8 x 76.2 cm
Ships from New Delhi
Country Of Origin India

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