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We are introducing our "Phonics -1 Chart for Homeschooling" in a convenient 20x30-inch size. This chart is an essential educational tool designed to support early reading and phonics instruction for homeschooling students. The "Phonics -1 Chart" features clear and colourful illustrations of letters, along with corresponding phonetic sounds. Its large size provides a visually appealing and easily readable resource for young learners to engage with. Using this chart, homeschooling students can practice letter recognition, sound blending, and phonemic awareness. It is a valuable reference during phonics lessons and can be used for interactive activities, such as identifying beginning sounds, segmenting words, or playing phonics games. Displaying the "Phonics -1 Chart" in your homeschooling environment creates an immersive and accessible learning experience. Its size ensures that students can easily see the letters and sounds from a distance, fostering independent learning and encouraging active participation. This chart is ideal for parents and educators seeking to create a solid phonics foundation for their homeschooling students. Its large size makes it a prominent and engaging addition to any learning space. With our "Phonics -1 Chart for Homeschooling" in a 20x30 inch size, students will have a visually appealing and comprehensive tool to support their phonics learning journey.
Material : Plastic
Content : 1 chart
Age Guidance : 5-15 yrs
Product Dimensions : 50.8 x 76.2 cm
Ships from New Delhi
Country Of Origin India

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