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This Wooden Hammer Ball Game allows your child to learn about varying colours in an engaging manner. The toy finely defines their dexterity skills and enhances their general awareness as well. Set of 2 Pieces This is a complete set, consisting of varying pieces. The set is inclusive of a wooden hammering toy, a wooden shelf, and four balls that can be placed within the shelf to play. Fun to Play This set is exceptionally fun to play with. Once the balls have been hammered in, they roll back out and allow your child to play all over again. It is an engaging toy. Wood This set has been sturdily made from wood. The wooden nature of the toy improves upon its overall lifespan and makes it ideal for regular usage and daily play time. Cognitive Growth This set also promotes cognitive learning as it develops fine motor skills, teaches your child to remain concentrated and focused, and improves their hand to eye coordination.Brightly colored, smooth-sanded pieces help build early shape, colour, and size differentiation skills.Hammer Ball will help develop gross & fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and concentration initiation of relieving stress.When the balls have been hammered in all the way they roll back out, ready to start the fun all over again.Hammer Ball helps your Toddler to recognize different colours and match them with well made attractive and colourful balls and enhances wrist strength.

Material : MDF
Age Guidance : 3 YEARS & ABOVE
Product Dimension : 13.5x11.5x11cm
Ships From Ahmednagar Maharashtra
Country Of Origin India

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