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Expanding your Childs vocabulary has never been more fun. Introduce to your little ones with new concept
Children will be tickled by the homophones and brightly colored , appealing illustration makes it easy for them to learn new concept.
Sun board material which is light in weight and easy to carry.

How to Play
Match the correct Pair same sound word but with different meaning

Helpful for kids 
Homophones known as sound alike words that are pronounced alike but have different meaning and spelling hence create conuison for kids this will helo them to read and undertand easily
• Your child will develop recognition skill, general knowledge, early reading.
• Helps in building focus, concentration, Vocabulary.
• Spend few moments with your child doing something unique to your parenting style and truly enjoyable yet meaningful at its core. Easy to carry
• Early Childhood Education
• Conceptual early learning educational flashcard set
• Makes your kids study more interactive and efficient
• Good Visual Learning
• Out of the box learning

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