Hop Around the World - Giant World Map Twister Game

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A giant (6 X 4 feet) world map inspired from Twister but a lot more educational. Designed with our unique K.I.D ideology, the Giant-Hop around the world map has been perfected to help your little one hop from knowledge to insight and from there to development. It is a great way to introduce your child to the world geography and has been designed especially for their small hands and flexible bodies.

Printed on a non-tear washable material, it is full of bright colours and adorable graphics of monuments, animals, and other iconic places and comes with a set of cards to effectuate experiential learning. Great for homes and schools alike, it can be spread on a floor or put on a wall to boost knowledge and creativity, enhance visual-spatial coordination and effectuate interpersonal skills through social play.

SKILLS : Boosts knowledge and creativity ,Improves visual-spatial coordination ,Refines counting skills ,Hones gross-motor skills,Habituates critical thinking

AGE: 2-12 years

Playtime: 20-25 minutes

Number of Players: 1-5

Contents : A non-tear, washable 6 X 4 feet World Map with Brightly-coloured countries, their capitals, and currencies. A set of cards with instructions

Country of Origin: India

Ships from New Delhi

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