India Map : Reference Educational Wall Chart by Dreamland Publications

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Chart: India Map
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India, a country in South Asia is the seventh-largest country in the world. Covering both physical and political features of the country this map shows states, UTs, and their capitals. It is a perfect wall chart for educational use, competitive exams, classrooms, teachers, and students.•Ideal for ages 5-16•Highly detailed•Up-to-date •Both side laminated•Perfect size 48 cm (H) x 73 cm (W)•Carton packing•Outstanding quality Ideal for schools, homes, offices, or any learning environment with all cartographic updates, this map is makes learning fun. It will help young geographers able to understand the symbols that show features such as rivers, roads, cities, or mountains and also know distances so that one knows how far away one thing is from another.

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