Aha! From Oh No! - Short Stories

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Ingu is an ordinary boy, and his life is as ordinary as it can be. There is nothing special about it. But, now and then, he goofs-up or makes a mistake or fails. With each of these missteps, Ingu learns something new and moves on, as every oh-no moment has a hidden aha lesson. 
Follow Ingu's journey from age four to eleven, and read about the ahas Ingu has from his oh nos.
About the Author :
Rahul T N U Nair works as a strategy and innovation consultant, dreams of being a successful entrepreneur, and loves to cook. He lives in Singapore with his wife Devika, six-year-old daughter Miraaya, and three-year-old son Agastya.
When Miraaya and Agastya became old enough to ask “Acha (dad) fairy tales are boring... tell us a story from your life”, Rahul embarked on a new journey. He began mixing his childhood, passion, everyday events in his children’s lives and his profession to dish out new stories about a boy called Ingu. What started as an enjoyable daily ritual, soon took the form of this book.
Rahul is a first-time author and would love to hear your feedback about this book. Leave your comments at ahafromohno@gmail.com / @ahafromohno on Instagram

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