JoGenii Neon Nature Art Colouring Kit - Unique Gift for kids and adults

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Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of creativity with Neon Art Colouring Kit. Crafted for both children and adults, this kit unlocks a world of boundless imagination. Awaken your artistic spirit with 16 distinct mandala art sheets, each awaiting your unique touch. Utilize the set of 12 premium sketch pens and 2 glitter tubes to infuse vibrant colors and intricate details, now in an unprecedented neon theme! Whether you're an experienced artist or just beginning your journey, this kit offers a therapeutic coloring experience suitable for all ages. Create breathtaking pieces, alleviate stress, and unleash your inner creativity.

Our kit stands as the most comprehensive on the market, featuring 16 generously sized sheets, 12 sketch pens, 2 glitter tubes, a robust wooden board base, and convenient paper clips. Everything you need to nurture your artistic flair is at your fingertips.

Don't hesitate - procure your Neon Art Colouring Kit today and watch your imagination take flight! Transform blank pages into vibrant, enchanting worlds.

* Ignite Creativity & Imagination: Neon Art Colouring Kit offers endless possibilities for kids aged 5+ years. Featuring 16 unique mandala coloring sheets and a set of 12 high-quality sketch pens, it brings vibrant colors and intricate details to life in a stunning neon theme.

* Comprehensive Kit: This coloring kit is an all-encompassing solution for kids aged 5+ years. With 16 large-sized coloring sheets, 12 sketch pens, 1 glitter tubes, a sturdy wooden board base, and handy paper clips included, it's the ultimate kit to kickstart your artistic journey!

* Relaxing Therapeutic Experience: Indulge in a calming and therapeutic coloring experience with JoGenii's art and craft kit for kids aged 5+ years. Whether you're a novice or an experienced artist, this creativity kit is the perfect way to unwind or bond with family.

* Ultimate Artistic Experience: Encourage artistic growth and development with our mandala art kit for kids aged 5+ years. It helps enhance concentration, motor skills, and self-expression, offering a relaxing and stress-reducing coloring experience.

* Suitable for All Ages: With this versatile mandala art kit suitable for adults, teenagers, and pre-teens, express your artistic vision without limits. Ideal for beginners and experienced artists alike, turn blank pages into stunning masterpieces!

* Frame After Use: With 16 intricate designs in this coloring kit, turn your passion for art into exquisite works. Frame your creations to showcase your talent to the world!

* Quality You Can Trust: JoGenii's craft kit ensures top-notch materials for a premium coloring experience. Thick paper sheets and smooth sketch pens guarantee consistent quality.

* Perfect Gift Choice: Whether for a child's birthday or a relaxing pastime for adults, our Mandala Art Colouring Kit makes a thoughtful and versatile gift. Encourage creativity and artistic expression with this delightful kit.

* Proudly Made in India: Support local craftsmanship and quality with our Mandala Art Colouring Kit proudly made in India. Choose quality and creativity for your loved ones!

Age Guidance : 5+ years
Content : 16 Big Sheets, 1 Wooden Base Board, 12 Sketch Pens, 2 Paper clips and 1 Glitter Tube
Product Dimensions :37x29x4.5 CM
Ships from Pune 
Country Of Origin India 


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