JoGenii Science Lover's Combo Kit

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Does your child love doing experiments? Want to encourage your child to develop a keen interest in Science? Then this is the perfect kit for you.

It contains:

  1. Soap Making DIY Activity Kit (Makes 2 soaps)
  2. Fluffy Snow. 2L of Instant Snow
  3. Slime Making Supplies Bag- Glitter and Clear. 1 Bag

Details of each of the product in the combo are mentioned below.

Soap Making DIY Activity Kit 

For the experiment lover inside you and your child alike! Ideal for all ages, our 100% natural soap making DIY activity kit has everything you will need to make a soap of your choice- handmade glycerine soaps with natural fragrance and colour, natural loofah scrub, moulds and dried flower petals.

Or you can be more creative and use a natural ingredient of your choice or dried petals of the flower you love. Safe and natural this one is ideal for both, your child and the child inside you! Makes 2 soaps.


  • Boosts creativity
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Refines gross-motor skills
  • Rewarding and motivating

Age: 6-10 years


  • Glycerin shavings
  • Natural colour and fragrance
  • Natural loofah scrub
  • Dried flower petals
  • 2 plastic soap moulds

Fluffy Snow. 2L of Instant Snow

Make Buckets of Snow this Holiday Season with Fluffy Snow by Yucky Science . Just add water to Fluffy Snow Powder and watch the instant Snow Erupt in seconds. Add colored water to make colored snow.

The Snow is artificial but feels like real. The Powder expands to 100 Times of its original size.

100 Gms packet of Snow powder can make approx. 4 Litres of Snow .

50 Gms of Packet can Make upto 2 Litres of Snow .

Its great for Kids and family to have fun Cool Activities that can be conducted using fluffy snow powder are Snow in a Cup, Color Snow Rainbows, Frozen Island with Characters, Christmas Tree Decoration.

Watch activity video tutorials on Zlife Education Youtube Channel. Fluffy Snow powder is a high quality Sodium Poly acrylate which is a Super absorbent polymer.

It is safe and non Toxic for Kids. It’s the same material used in Children Diapers - Its 100% Reusable – after making snow you can keep it out side till the water dries in couple of days and you can use the Powder again.


Slime Making Supplies Bag- Glitter and Clear. 1 Bag

Dip your hands with the Slime Making Supplies Bag - Glitter and Clear. From Mixing to making - the kit includes everything for kids age 4 years and above to make their favourite slime at home.

Mix and match the glue and slime activator to get the right squishy and glittery slime .Make Glitter and Clear Slime.

Each Bag Contains 5 Items :

  • 1 Bottle Clear Glue (100 ml)
  • 1 Bottle Slime Activator Liquid Plus (50 ml)
  • 1 Glitter Tube (any color)
  • 1 Slime Storage and Mixing Cup
  • 1 Spatula


Ships in 7-8 days

Country of origin India


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