Jungle Gym

Rs. 27,500


Our best seller in a short span of time, Modular Jungle Gym is one of a kind in the Indian market. With two compartments, this model is a well formulated design. We have also made it compact so that all modern homes can accommodate this within their spaces.

Some of the unique features of our jungle gym

  • The roof portion- monkey bars are broad and resilient for climbing, lounging, walking etc.
  • The slider on one side and mountain climber on other side is the tallest and most versatile component of the jungle gym. This feature also makes it usable by older kids who can enjoy the rock climbing feel for 5 feet and land on top.
  • The accessories like swing, rope ladder, gymnastic rings necessitates the use of various groups of muscles like pectoralis, biceps, triceps etc. and can aid in exercise inculcation in young kids.
  • Given the growing need for physical activity and the prevalence of childhood obesity going high, a modular Jungle gym is a wise option to have at disposal at the home itself which increases its usage. Something that's kept in front of us will always be used.
  • The sturdiness of wood, compactness and durability of the overall structure makes it a must have and can be used by more than one kid in a combined weight of around 80 to 100 kgs. The structure was tested for weight bearing with 120 kgs. Its intended use is from 10 months to 12 years.

Dimensions: 4x3.5x5 ft (LxBxH)

For the compact town homes and congested city spaces with not much options for outdoor activities or gears, the jungle gym will be an essential add on to your home.
Developmental milestones meter:

  1. Modular Jungle Gym is a one stop for aiding in gross motor skills development in toddlers
  2. The play space below the gym can be used by crawlers to explore natural wood textures and help them in standing with support with use of ropes and wooden stands
Pretend play and group play can be initiated inside the jungle gym.

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