Kindergarten Maths Work Book

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Kindergarten Maths Work Book

  • Author - Dreamland Publications
  • Publisher - Dreamland Publications
  • Binding -Early Learning
  • Language - English
  • No. of Page -
  • Category - Book
  • Age - 20

Math is the study of numbers. Its connections to everything help kids learn, understand, and think more deeply about the world. ‘Kindergarten Maths Workbook’ helps to enable early learners to develop an understanding of numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, more than, less than, and many more associated topics • Ideal for ages 2-5 • 112 practice pages • Colourful presentation This book is a complement to the academic syllabus. Beginner learners will find this book very useful as they learn various lessons through hands-on activities. It will help children do simple addition and subtraction to sorting and identifying numbers and build their fundamental math skills.

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