4-in-1 Learning Tower

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Our learning tower can be used in two positions. One position is as a step stool and the other as desk and chair.

Our tower in step stool position is the tallest available in the Indian market at 36 inches specifically designed with standard Indian kitchens in mind.
Special features:

1. Reversible black board.

2. White laminated table top.
3. We have facilitated a provision for paper roll in our design at the farther corner which can be used by young painters and explorers.
4. No other design in India has so far used this area for easy in and easy out. We have to particularly lift young ones to sit and let them out. The independence gets stolen for the crawlers.The hassle free space behind the desk can also be easily accessed by the kids by their own to get in and out.
5. The ergonomic whales fins, mouth and eyes and width of the ply were not just for the design, it is to help the customer flip between the step stool and the learning desk and in climbing and holding. This edge is possible for us as manufacturers because of intense research, safety tests, standards compliance and the various versions we put forth before releasing the best version.
Birch ply and beech wood is gold standard for us as these products need to be sturdy and definitely attractive and long lasting.
6. The tower in standing position is adjustable to three heights
7. The natural material used has a smooth finish made of non toxic elements
8. Easy assembly and disassembly using D-nuts and bolts ensuring stability and sturdiness
9. Made in India
Learning tower is a great tool to explore the abilities and test movements in toddlers who are just starting to grow independent.Practical life activities are a core to Montessori principles and whats a more ideal space than one’s own kitchen to learn them.

As a step stool

Tower as a step stool can be used for climbing up to a kitchen counter. It provides the early independence for toddlers who love to be kitchen help and accompany parents and assist them in chores in the kitchen. The tower can also be used to help kids brush their teeth, wash their hands and designed in such a way to provide maximum safety and also adjustable according to the height of the baby. A simple reference to help access height would be; If your kid’s bellybutton comes above the top of the sides, then you should lower the standing plate according to the height.Unlike a regular stool where there is danger of falling, this toddler tower is safe and you can leave your little one unattended for the brief moments when your hands are full in cooking, baking, cutting vegetables etc. all the while engaging the kid in the captivating activity of helping you in some of the tasks.
Best used when started at a young age around 10 months when the child starts to stand with support. We can observe incremental development in usage of the tower and it grows along with the child’s growth.
As a tower it can be used until the toddler finds it comfortable usually around 6 years. As a desk and chair it can be used for a longer time even upto 10 years for various activities as listed above and more.

As a desk and chair

Learning tower serves as a beautiful option of dining as well as play space.
Uninterrupted desk space spanning upto 20 inches without any hinges or bolts in between is ideal for multiple usages for a toddler. We have comfortable back rest to give the little one rest to their every busy back muscles
This desk can be so comfortably used as the kid's own
1.Dining space
2.Reading space
3.Painting area
4.Laptop holder for online classes with adequate space to spread other essentials
5.Play area
6.Pretend play space
And anything else the kid chooses to put it to best use.We have so far observed learning tower being used as a child’s own space for performing exercises, flex their muscles, use it as their kitchen and so on. Discovery of new ways in which toddler will play around this design left to interpretation and quiz of all adults.

Height:36 inches

Length:18 inches

Width:18 inches
Weight:14 kgs 
Adjustable platform heights
12’, 15’ and 18’

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