Lord of the Bins: A Waste Manegment Strategy Game

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Luma World Lord of the Bins Educational Card Game- for Ages 6+ Years to Learn Segregation of Waste and Sustainability, Strategy Card Game, 30 mins and 2 to 6 Players, Game for Family and Friends

Compete with other lords of trash to collect, segregate and dispose of your garbage stash.

Under the tyranny of the wealthy, JunkLand has become the world’s garbage dump. This once pristine land has been reduced to a stinky landfill. But for the Lords of JunkLand this place is a goldmine. There are treasures in the trash that help them earn a living and keep the world safe and clean. They are the unsung heroes of humanity!

Can you find the treasure in trash?

In Lord of the Bins, you compete with other players to emerge as the one true Trash Lord. You collect different trash items from the marketplace and segregate them into their respective bins. You may choose not to collect certain items but then you must pay a price! In JunkLand, one lord’s trash is another’s treasure!

Content : 4 Trash Bin Cards 

Material : Paper/Cardboard/Plastic

Age Guidance :  6+ Years

Package Dimension : 19 x 14 x 5 cms

Ships from Mumbai

Country of origin India


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