Makermax Cat 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Find MAKERMAX & his friends creating happy things to give to others, in this beautifully illustrated puzzle. Spot them baking, sewing, making music, stitching toys & so much more... And finally, loading the cart of handmade love, ready to be delivered!

100 piece puzzle, crafted with premium quality, in terms of both content and material. Completed puzzle size is 24” x 16.5”. A Kind kind'a puzzle with a twist!

UNIQUE PUZZLE FOR KIDS AGES 5+ YEARS OLD-MORE THAN JUST A PUZZLE- When you complete the puzzle, you will find 5 missing pieces. Join MAKERMAX to complete 5 kind missions. Unleash your creativity and create gifts for others in and around the house. (crafts not included). Complete the missions and open sealed envelopes to find all the missing pieces in the puzzle!

Beautiful illustrations of many kind acts. Can you SPOT how many gifts are they making to give? There will be lots to talk about. Have CONVERSATIONS that matter as you discuss the images while having fun.

Parents favourite! Loved by kids. Play as a team in a group or alone.

Skill Development- Promotes Emotional Intelligence, logical thinking, observation, visual spatial and fine motor skills. Includes 100 pieces, 1 poster, 5 sealed envelopes, 1 mission card, 5 play it forward cards, and 1 Caring Cats kindness certificate that you can personalize.

Chalk and Chuckles takes pride in providing creative ways to make learning fun and easy for children.

100 PC PUZZLE EXTRA THICK BOARD- Size - 24” x 16.5”. Find Makermax creating handmade toys and gifts to give friends and families in our beautiful picture puzzle.
ENGAGING PUZZLE ACTIVITY- Do the missions and find 5 happy (hidden) pcs to complete the puzzle. Reward children for good behaviour with a Personalised Certificate.
FAMILY CREATIVE PLAYTIME- Spot kind acts in this fun, interactive tool. Teach kindness to your children. Connect and talk- build positive values, self-esteem, life skills and friendship. Kids learn to express and show love.
KEY SKILLS- Promotes hand eye co-ordination, fine motor development, observation, problem solving, visual spatial, concentration and social skills. Ages 4-10.
BEST GIFTS FOR GIRLS AND BOYS – Spread joy with Caring Cats Puzzles. Gift the box of Caring Cats Puzzles all year round- Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays. Loved by parents, teachers and all little ones.


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