Match and Spell Next Steps

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Match and Spell Next Steps is the perfect progression from Orchard Toys’ bestselling, award-winning Match and Spell. Aimed at children aged 5 and over, the game helps to develop more advanced reading and spelling skills using both sounds and blends.

The game is played by building a variety of familiar and more advanced words, from ‘moth’ to ‘balloon’, with the help of colorful illustrations to identify words. Parents can use the sound and blend cards to encourage children to make the individual sounds as well as saying the entire word aloud. There are 18 words included in the game.

Once children become more confident, they can turn over the boards to use the blank side for a more challenging game. The game is finished once all the word boards have been completed.

This colorful game is a great way to teach children about spelling and phonics in a fun and progressive way. For younger children aged 4 and over, try our Match and Spell first literacy game.

Educational Benefits

  •  Develops Matching and Memory Skills
  •  Promotes Language and Literacy Skills
  •  Encourages Observational Skills
  •  Encourages Discussion

Content : • 18 double-sided word boards
• 78 letter cards
• 1 instruction leaflet

Material : Paper, Cardboard

Age Guidance : 5+ years

Product Dimension : 19.1 x 14 x 7.9cm

Package Dimension : 20 x 15 x 8.8cm

Country of origin India

Ships from Bhiwandi Maharashtra

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