Montessori Mirror

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Introducing Montessori entry mirror in our Montessori based launches❤

At around 18 months, a toddler will fully understand how the mirror works. They will understand that they are looking at themselves around this time. They now can also learn the practical uses of a mirror.
A Montessori mirror is an essential part of a kids bed room as it serves independence and helps the toddler to see their own body.

Self care is taught in a good way by giving them their own mirror placed at a good height for themselves. Once you have the mirror situated in your little one’s room, you can build a small self-care station near it. You may place a small brush and cloth here. Show your toddler how to brush their hair while looking in the mirror, and how to use the cloth to wipe their face before they leave their room. You also can show them how to check their outfit in the morning like, "show your shirt, pants”.

The toddler mirror will serve different purposes at different stages of the baby growing up.

It will promote visual perception independence, self care, hygiene, autonomy over one's own body, understanding one's own body and for mirror play 😍

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