Moody Snakes Puzzle 40 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle with a Maze

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MOODY SNAKES- Puzzle with a twist
Ages: 3-6 years
Assemble the puzzle and see a snake charming scene, which is also a maze.
Familiarise children with the 6 different Moody Snakes (Spot the happy, sad, angry, proud and surprised snake in the puzzle.)
Roll the die to tell you which Moody snake’s urn you must trace.

-Develops eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills and visual spatial skills.
-Builds observation skills and visual tracking that is essential for promoting early reading development.
-Social and emotional Learning
-Encourages logical thinking, goal-setting, patience, social and communication skills.
Social and emotional Learning- Learn to recognise and identify 5 different feelings- happy, sad, angry, surprised and scared.
Puzzle Play encourages logical thinking, goal-setting, patience, social and communication skills.
Great gifts for kids- boys and girls!

40 PCS PUZZLE-Perfect fun for your toddler with the right level of challenge for kids ages 4-6. Finished puzzle- 14 x 9 inches
PUZZLE AND MAZE-Assemble the puzzle and roll the wooden dice. Play a game of spot the snake. Makes a great gift.
TRACK AND FIND- Putting the puzzle together is only half the fun! When it’s completed, kids can track the snake to the pot it is coming out of.
EARLY LEARNING- Develops fine motor, eye-hand coordination and observation skills. Builds visual tracking essential for developing reading skills. Social and emotions- Learn 5 feelings.
PERFECT GIFT- We take pride in helping families connect with children- building values while learning. Chalk and Chuckles child development games are trusted by parents, teachers and therapists in 20 countries (incl USA, Europe).

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