My First Shapes : Fish. A fun introduction to SHAPES and COLORS. Early skill development like Motor skills, Hand-eye coordination, Color and Shape recognition. (Age 2+)

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1. My First Shapes is a fun way to introduce kids to shapes and colors. This is a perfect toy for early skill development. This toy develops fine motor skills, problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, shape and color recognition.

2. The size of the shape tray is 32 X 23 cm and it is made from 12 mm thick foam material. The shape blocks are of 12 mm thickness and are made from 100% non toxic foam material. The soft and sturdy foam material adds another layer of safety and prevents the kids from getting hurt while playing. The product has no sharp edges.

3. Many different ways to play and learn.

  • Kids learn to identify different shapes.
  • Kids learn to identify different colors.
  • Ask the kids to identify a particular shape and then match it with the same shape in the shape tray.
  • Ask the kids to identify a particular shape and then pop that shape, out of the shape tray.
  • Ask the kids to count the shape blocks.

4. The attractive design and bright colors make this a very attractive toy for kids to play and learn. The thick shapes are easy to grab and play. This toy can also be used in playschools by teachers for aiding group activity.

5. This toy is an ideal gift for kids ages 1 to 3 years. This toy gives a hands on learning experience and also gives kids an engaging option for screen free fun. My First Shapes is a perfect gift for the little ones to begin their learning journey.

Dimensions: 32x24x4

Material : 100% non toxic foam material

Country of origin : India 

Ships from : Mumbai, MH

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