My Little Cabbage - Preschooler, Memory and Tactile Game with Finger Puppets

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The McSquirrels loved storing stuff. But they soon ran out of space to store their things. Until they found a big, juicy cabbage and a whole new adventure!

Spot the 5 nutty McSquirrels, jumping in & out of the cabbage! Close your eyes to see 1 or more of them hide & open your eyes to spot the missing one. Or bury your hands inside the soft cabbage to find the fun textured treasures they've been hiding in a game of touch & feel.

A game that promotes tactile awareness & discrimination skills & the development of visual observation and memory skills, taking turns, and communication between toddlers and their parents or caregivers.

Contains: 5 Squirrel finger puppets, 16 Texture tokens, 16 Acorn counters, a Cabbage plush pouch and game guide. Ages- 2.5 to 4 years; Players 1-4

VERSATILE-An easy play game that grows with your toddler! A perfect first game to introduce children to games with many ways to play! Promotes imaginative play and creativity.
HIDE AND SEEK-5 nutty Squirrels jumping around-Who is missing and ready to be found? Play a game of colourful hide and seek with your little ones as they develop early memory skills. Or bring story time to life with vibrant finger puppets!
TOUCH AND FEEL-An exciting game that stimulates the sense of touch. Bury your hands in the big and soft cabbage, find the hidden textured tokens in a touch-and-feel matching game. No reading required.
SKILL DEVELOPMENT- Promotes tactile awareness and discrimination skills. Encourages Visual observation, tactile and visual memory, colour recognition and turn taking. Encourages communication between toddlers and their parents/caregivers.
CONTAINS- 5 Squirrel finger puppets, 16 Texture tokens, 16 Acorn counters, 1 Cabbage plush pouch and Game guide. For ages 2+ to 4 years

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