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Name Engraving: W/O Name
Rs. 500


Age  4 months to 14 months (upto teething completion)
Wood Virgin Neem Wood from traditional sources (Organic & non toxic)
Color Natural Neem wood colour 
Dimension  2 to 6 cm ; Thickness : 1 cm
Weight ~ 50 gms

Safety factor: Virgin Neem wood is naturally non-toxic and in theory has scientifically proven immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties


The phase of teething (a sore feeling accompanying tooth eruption) starts anywhere between 4 months to 8 months for an infant. Teethers are recommended at this phase to soothe the baby’s sore, painful gums. As much as parents get excited about eruption of their baby’s first teeth, the teething is accompanied by soreness, rubbing of ears, more dribbling of saliva and a generally more irritable baby gnawing and chewing on anything they can get hold of. Our range of organic Neem wood teethers is recommended to give a soothing feel to the baby. The cooling effect of neem wood and the anti bacterial property makes it ideal as a chewing toy for babies.

Teethers available in the market are made of rubber wood or plastic which are not recommended by pediatricians as they are not non toxic. They are also ergonomically designed to have a deep reach to all of the gum area with minimum strain to baby’s mouth. The smoothly sanded edges gives it a safe play for mouthing.

Customization: Our teethers can be customized to engrave name of your loved ones. The first toy of a baby having his/her name can be saved as a souvenir for years together. It will be a happy memory for the little tots as they grow up. Name engraving on teethers will be done for personalization and will be made at a nominal extra charge.

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