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A Powerful Story on Emotional Health by a 5-year-old


Through this fun and light-hearted read, children will learn to understand and manage their emotions, adapt to new situations, stay positive through challenging circumstances and use them as opportunities for learning and growth.

“How is it okay not to feel okay?We feel many things. Many good and not-so-good events happen in our lives. So we may feel okay or not too okay. We must be brave and share our feelings. It’s okay to cry. It helps us let out our feelings.”

Children today face many expected as well as unexpected challenges. This gives result to varied feelings and emotions, which need to be understood, accepted, and handled right. ‘Not Okay? That’s Okay!’, a real-life story written and illustrated by a 5-year-old child, revised under the mentorship of Ms. Ekta Ohri – Founder LitJoys a year later, is an honest narration of what she felt, did, and learned when she was separated from her mother for weeks during Covid. The story also touches upon how all members of the family (mother, father, grandparents) can collectively support the kids in difficult situations.

Country of Origin: India

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