Nothing Gets Lost in Japan - A Travel Experience Guide for Children

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Globetrotters is a series which accounts the different journeys taken by a group of enthusiasts who are transiting from pre-adolescence into teenage years. Mostly narrated by Sarah, there are other characters as well - wandy, fooju, Clara, and Sandra, who cause major turns in the stories throughout. They are members of Tal (short for travel and learn): the only elite travel club at the Beech Groove Academy. Illustrations vividly convey the imaginations and expressions of the dramatis personae. Be motivated with the protagonists as they travel to wonderful places - not only for fun but also to make this world a better place.

Binding : Paperback

Age Guidance : 6+ years

Product Dimension : 24x17.5x10cm

Ships from Noida-UP

Country of Origin India

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