Number Hero (3 Book Bundle)

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Package Contents: 3 Books:

  1. Captain Numero (Apply Book)
  2. Dino Mania (Apply Book)
  3. Building Blocks (Concept Guide)


Tired of traditional workbooks to practice maths? Try our amazing Apply Books and Building Blocks, now in an incredible bundle! Kids will benefit from real world application, interactive problems and out-of-the-box thinking as they engage in unique stories and use maths concepts to complete them!

With this bundle your kids will Assist a Superhero and visit a Dinosaur Museum to master Class 4 Numeracy and Money concepts! They will also understand important learning objectives with our Blumer Friends - Easy Peezy, Think Smart, Ask Me and Watch Out - who make learning maths so much fun! Finally, let them become the teacher and test their conceptual knowledge by assessing some mock tests.

You won't need anything else for your kids to master academic concepts and your kids will not want to learn any other way! With Luma World range of products now add WOW to learning!

Key Highlights:

Fun and Essential Math Concepts - Variety of different engaging activities like Teaming Up with a Math Superhero and Visiting a Dinosaur Museum to help gain academic knowledge and apply it to the real world.

Inspiring Themes and Cute Characters - Kids love stories! So, we take them on wonderful adventures with adorable friends and get them to do math along the way. Learn and practice concepts, understand the language behind math and read up some fun 'did you knows'.

Popular at home or in school - These books are as effective in the classroom as they are for revision or homeschooling. Go beyond academic skills by developing cognitive ability, critical thinking and application with creative math problems.

Innovative Assessment and Outcomes - Kids play the role of a teacher in a fun assignment to test their conceptual understanding and reinforce learning objectives. Educators and parents can use a simple checklist to verify and explain important postulates.

Practically Sized and High Quallity Paper - A4 sized "Apply Books" and 9.5"x7" sized "Building Blocks" made of high quality Matte Paper and child-safe ink not only make this great to read and write on but a joy to behold for your young ones.


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