Nursery All Subject Bridge Course

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Make up for the learning loss of your child and get thorough practice done for all subjects early concepts. 500 plus worksheets for a strong educational foundation!

Are you worried about your child’s learning loss during the pandemic? The maximum loss happens in Math and Reading also spelling. This set of two teacher recommended nursery worksheets folders will help your child learn and revise core concepts and help in getting the head start in the next academic year. Together there are 500 + worksheets full of learning different subjects and concepts. The curriculum is divided in two semesters:

Term 1 and Term 2. English, Math, Science and Social Science, Computers & Coding worksheets in this one folder are arranged from simple to difficult. The two books can be used throughout the year for good practice of all early learning concepts. It is suitable for home schooling or alongside regular schooling.Term 1 and Term 2. 4. Provide thorough practice of early concepts

Skills developed:
Creative, Cognitive, Fine Motor ( Tracing, writing, drawing, colouring) , Literacy( Letters A to Z, Beginning letters, Vocabulary) , Numeracy( Numbers 1-50, beginning math skills), Concept building and vocabulary, Coding and AI Readiness

1. 500 + worksheets covering English, Math, Science and Social Science, Computers & Coding
2. Help learn and revise core concepts and preparing for the next academic year.
3. The curriculum is divided in two semesters

Practice Worksheets A Term 1
Practice Worksheets A Term 2

Term 1 Book includes- English: Pattern writing, Letters A to L (rest in Term 2 folder), beginning letters, vocabulary| Math: Pre-number concepts, Numbers 1 to 20, ordering, sequencing | Science, S. Science, Values: Me, Family, Home, School, Body parts, Sense organs, Magic words and more | Hindi: Swar Identification and picture vocab

Term 2 Book includes-English: Letters M to Z(rest in Term 1 folder), beginning letters, vocabulary | Math: Numbers 1 to 50, counting, missing numbers, Number names, Before and after, In between, Shapes, Patterns, Codes patterns| Science, S. Science,Values: Neighbourhood, people who help us, Transport, Food, Fruits, Vegetables,Clothes, Festivals, Health, Animals, Art and Craft, Colouring | Hindi: Swar and Vyanjan identification| Coding and AI readiness

Age Guidance : 2 - 3 years

Product Dimension :28 x 22x 1.5 cm

Ships from Ghaziabad India

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