Chalk and Chuckles Pajama Party- Preschooler Colour Matching Game and Critical Thinking Game

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Play by yourself or have a party! 2 games in a box!
- Roll the 2 colour dice and race to find Moo's friends whose clothes and accessories match the 2 dice colours. The player who grabs the maximum Moo tokens wins the game.
- For the growing pre-schoolers, open a problem-solving card and find the correct Moo token as the solution. Concepts include colour, patterns, shadow objects and numbers and the concept of absent (not present).
Rush to compete against each other or take your time to learn and practice first.
Contains: 21 Moo’s friends Tokens, 2 wooden colour dice, 21 Problem Solving cards and Game guide. Ages 3-6 years

ENGAGING AND INTERACTION: A fast paced kids game for all in the family- 4, 5 or 60. Easy rules, simple to play. No reading required.

LEARN THROUGH PLAY - A visual-observation game. Roll the dice and dive in together to spot the picture card token with a colour combination match. Player with most matches wins. Focus, attention and speed matter!

KEY SKILLS: Develop early problem solving skills and logic. 21 Thinking challenges, self-correcting labelled numbered cards. Builds colour and pattern recognition, identification of objects, shapes, numbers and shadows.

PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS - Game night, travel, classroom, after school or sleepover-Time for a Pyjama Party! Play with friends, siblings, parents and grandparents! A great birthday gift for both boys and girls.

JOY OF LEARNING- Chalk and Chuckles educational games help families unplug and connect with each other- building character and developmental skills. Trusted by teachers and therapists.

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