Pegasus Student's Dictionary

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The Pegasus student's dictionary is a comprehensive reference volume with over 150, 000 clear and accurate definitions. Prefixes, Suffixes and combining forms help the user deduce the meanings of thousands of additional words. Words with a common root are grouped together under one headword. Derivations given are arranged alphabetically. Direct derivatives, I.E. Words which are formed by adding a suffix or ending to the route word are given after the headword is defined, followed by any Compounds. Many words have more than one definition. The original meaning is given first and labels relating to grammatical form and classification are featured. Archaic and onsolete words found in works of literature are included, as are colloquial expressions, together with literary vocabulary and technical words and meanings. The re-spelling approach has been chosen regarding pronunciation, indicated phonemically, being simpler than interpreting the phonetic symbols of the international phonetic alphabet.

Binding : Paperback

Age Guidance : 6+ years

Product Dimension : 24x17.5x10cm

Ships from Noida-UP

Country of Origin India

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