Alphabets Kit (with Safe dough)

Rs. 896


The Alphabet kit is a great buy for kids of all age from 3-8 as these are building years of their reading and writing skills. This kit include 26 alphabet cutters and 450gms of dough. They don’t only cut letters out of it they can also stamp spelling on the dough and make shapes. for eg- they stamp the word apple and also make an apple out of the dough as it has 450gms of Doh- Dough which comes in 3 colours and a rolling pin. Its a steal deal for the kind of activities you can do with these are unlimited.

Material used : flour, oil, salt water and food grade colours. 

Box Contents :  this Kit contains: 450 gms of taste-safe certified Doh-dough (150gms of each colour), 26 letter stamps or cutters and a rolling pin. Instructions card and paper and a Laminated play box to play in or play on.

Product Dimensions :  21*21*5.5 cm


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