Pikler Arch

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Rs. 7,500


Pikler arch is a climbing structure that comes as an add on to pikler triangle and slider in combo. 

The arch acts a bridge, a climbing structure, a rocker and as an open ended play option to multiple plays. 

  • It enhances gross motor skills in kids 
  • Pretend play can be done by using the arch as a lemonade stand, a tent, a cave or any other building structure by the kids 
  • It instills a sense of balance and paves way for exploration of the immediate environment with movement. This is promoting spatial awareness and bodily control
  • It increases confidence and core strength of back muscles, grip of arm muscles and calf muscle groups during various acts of play
  • Its one of the early gears helpful in developing stamina, build energy for climbing and also engage in problem solving as the child finds ways to climb on it

It completes the play room with its quirky colours and presence. Its also famously called as the Waldorf arch for its alignment to its teachings.

Age recommended above 10 months 

Completely made of beech wood and birch ply 

 Dimensions: l×b×h(cm) 100×75×49.5 


Take home advantages 

Gross motor skills 

Pretend play 

Energy building 

Spatial awareness and agility 



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