Pikler Novus

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Rs. 14,000


Age  10 months to 14 years
Weight 23 kg
Wood Beech wood and Birch plywood
Paint Non-toxic water based paint
Weight Bearing Capacity 100 kgs
No of Items 2 (Pikler Triangle, Slider)

Pikler Novus, a novel idea from Woodbee toys for our customers.

The pikler novus is of woodbee's quality, rods are replaced with ropes for climbing on one side. Weight bearing capacity is the same as the pikler at 100kgs. Made of non toxic beech wood and birch ply and coated with non toxic water based paints

The Hungarian pediatrician Emmy Pikler conceived the idea of using a triangle early in the 20th century to create an environment of movement exploration for a kid mimicking the wilderness of an animal. It still helps us in understanding how a very young kid interprets, explores the surrounding, takes caution in moving forward or climbing. An infant follows his own movements with extraordinary interest and amazing patience. He attentively studies one movement innumerable times. He enjoys and becomes absorbed in each little detail, each nuance of a movement, quietly taking his time in an experimenting mode. He cries and gets frustrated when he doesn't get it right. It is this repetitiveness of this study which brings such delight to a child. During the first two years, she is busy – or better, she is “playing” – with each movement for days, weeks, sometimes months. Each movement has its own history of development. Each one is based upon the other. Carefully and cautiously she makes progress. She has time. She gets to the root of things and likes to be completely sure of something. This is the way a child learns to sit and stand well – generally speaking, to move well altogether. Pikler believed in slow, sustainable and incremental progress in an infant's motor skills and also practiced it in her own center.

We believe that this Pikler triangle will help in our congested city spaces to expand the range of play for young ones where they climb, explore and involve in pretend play inside their own jungle. Crawlers have evolved with their Pikler, exploring movements incrementally reaching more heights in their motor skills. Slider also helps with improvement in toe walking, a characteristic found at early stages of walking among toddlers. Pikler with slider will be helping the process of establishing important milestones in life, walking and climbing and can aid in focusing all the unspent energy of staying indoors among toddlers.

There is one too many ways in which a Pikler triangle and slider can be used by the tiny tots.
• Climbing one step a time
• Ball runs using math rods and slider
• Hurdle climbing
• Walking up the slide
• Exploring the wood textures
• Playing peekaboo
• Pretend play like a tent
• Race track for your cars
And a lot more as they like and imagine.

Our Pikler is made of ASTM and EN certified non-toxic wood and paints.
The product is made of wood and will naturally have variations and may differ slightly from one another. It is this unique nature of a wooden toy that makes it more special and makes it the favorite toy of any child.
It comes minimally packaged in a recyclable cardboard box.

Rich, vibrant colors from certified non-toxic, child-safe water-based dye (NO worrisome paint or varnish used).

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