Playbox Wild Track - Tracks and Cars Wooden Toy 24 Tracks and 3 Cars for 1 to 7 Years Toddlers, Boys & Girls

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1.The wild track is a larger beginner set with 24 roads segments that allows children to start taking their play to the next level with even more pieces and patterns to make their creations come to life.

2.Great set for children who have established fine motor skills and want to start building bigger and more complex play designs.

3.Flexible, durable road toy, 376cm length12 curves, 8 straights, 2 intersections and 2 roundabouts. Can be used inside or outside Encourages imaginative play Great to combine with other toys.

4.Playbox Perfect for inspiring kid’s imagination, exercising kid’s hand-on ability, it will be very interesting and challenging for kids to their own Wild Track, Tracks and Cars.

5.This Playbox Wild track is a simple and well-built toy. invisibly encourage the development of your toddler's hand-eye coordination and attention span. Also, encourages toddlers to cooperate and take turns to play their own race cars on the toddler race track. For the smallest children such as a 1 to 7 year old boy and girl , they learn dexterity and repetition through playing. They will love this gift and play with parents or friends for hour.

Box Content : 24 Tracks and 3 Cars

Material : Wooden

Age Guidance : 1 + years

Product Dimensions : 21*8.5 cm

Package Dimensions : 26.67*24.13*15.74 cm

Ships from Delhi

Country Of Origin India

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