Pull Along Shape Bus

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A pull along wooden educational learning toy in early years for gross motor development as well match shapes to holes in the bus improves gross motor skills, fine motor skills and logical thinking as the child needs to slot the right geo shape in the right hole on the bus.

A self correcting toy, each of the wooden shapes go only into their respective holes and do not go in any other hole thus, children come to understand how a cylinder fits in a circular hole, how a cube fits in a square hole and so on also, all the shapes are dyed red, the child cannot differentiate the holes by colour and need to understand the shape of the hole to match the wooden shape. While inserting the pieces through the bus windows, there is an analysis and clear understanding of 2d to 3d association of shapes as children open the lid of the bus to check for the inserted shapes, they reaffirm their belief that an object that is invisible does not disappear but is merely out of sight this is known as object permanence and is an important aspect of cognition during early development.

Age Guidance :1.5-2 YRS

Skills : Spatial awareness, Imagination, Motor Skills, Early Learning, Colours & Shapes, Fine Motor Skills, Creativity & Imagination.

Content : Set includes a wooden bus with 4 wooden dyed geometric shapes that can be slotted in the top the toy can be used as a pull along as the child uses the thread to move the bus everywhere an engrossing toy that the child can play for hours with children get great pleasure in pulling the bus everywhere and using it as a treasure box for other personal belongings.

Material : Wood

Product Dimension : 53x9.5x12cms

Ships from Bangalore , KA

Country of Origin India

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