Purple Turtle Preschool Kit Level 3 for UKG Kids

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Written by International Writers we compile the kits in 3 Levels for Children 5 Curriculum Books -
This consists of 2 Course Books and 2 Practice Books with Subjects - Maths, English and EVS. A separate book is for Hindi for required regions. 1 Purple Turtle Story Book 2 Masks 16 Work sheets Phonic Cards – 26 cards designed for different locations. 3 Stickers CD - with Purple Turtle Learning Videos and Rhymes. These books are embedded with a curriculum structure for your home-school classroom.
The content combines elements of world's best preschool curricula and years of research on how children learn.

The colorful pages are jam-packed with fun activities that are great for developing fine motor, cognitive, language, and life skills necessary for success in school and beyond.

Content : Preschool Kit

Material : Paperback

Age Guidance : 5-6 years

Product Dimension : 30x70 cm

Package Dimension : 60x80 cm

Ships from Bhopal

Country Of Origin India

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