Purple Turtle Story Books for 3-8 Year Kids (4 story books Combo pack- Purple and Goople Series)

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Purple Turtle and Goople the Alien - Illustrated Storybooks in English - Gift Set Collection for Kids Ages 5-12 - Best Children's Books About Space and the Planets

Nurture the explorer in your child with Purple Turtle & Goople Series storybooks collection. Help your child learn to read with exciting illustrated stories of outer space, planets, spaceships and aliens!

Spark Kids' Curiosity about Solar System & Universe: Make learning fun with illustrated stories and encourage your child to explore new areas  – science and geography. 

Encourage Good Reading Habits In Children: The more your child reads, the better they will do in school and in life. Get kids excited about reading with Purple Turtle storybooks designed to inculcate values, and life skills and develop a life-long love for learning in children of all ages.

Learn English with Short Stories – Simple & Illustrated: The simple text is appropriate for every child while the full-color, bright, illustrated pages will hold kids' attention easily, keeping them engaged for hours of fun storytime! Suitable for young readers.

Fun Stories of Space Adventures, Outer Space, Planets, Alien & Spaceships: Great way to enhance kids’ imaginations who dream of exploring space when they look at the stars!

Cute Characters Kids Will Love: Goople is a friendly alien and Purple is a cute, adorable turtle! Your child will enjoy reading about their amazing friendship and exploration of the world around us. 

Perfect Gift for Any Occasions: This book set collection is a great gift for boys and girls. The books will create lasting memories your loved little ones will always cherish.

Globally Acclaimed Brand: Purple Turtle provides the best collection of short bedtime story books, preschool books, activity books, and character-based story books in English and many other languages. Purple Turtle books are sold in 25+ countries and 1,000,00+ parents trust Purple Turtle.


  • Purple and Goople Explore the Planets
  • Purple and Goople Explore the Wonders of the World
  • Purple and Goople Explore the Ocean World
  • Purple and Goople Explore Inside the Earth 

Age Guidance : 3-5 Years

Product Dimensions : 21x28

Contains : 4 Books

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