Rainbow Semicircle - 7 pc

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Age  10 Months and above
Size 22 x 11 cm
Weight 0.8 kg
Wood Birch Plywood
Paint Non-toxic water based paint
No. of Pcs 7

Our 7 pieces large Rainbow semicircle compliments our Rainbow stacker of different colors to boost a child’s imagination, creativity, and captivate child in bringing those to live structures.

Rainbow Semicircle

Our Rainbow Circle are made of Birch Plywood and coated with Non-toxic water based paints. This 7 pieces large Rainbow semicircle comes minimally packaged in a recyclable cardboard box. The size of our semicircle is 22 x 11 cm and matches the dimension of our Rainbow stacker The colours used are water-based non toxic
certified toy grade paints. We don’t use varnish or wall paints to our toys.

Open ended Play

You tell a kid, "I will give you a simple fun element, you do whatever you want with it.
You make patterns or learn colours, you use it as a mermaid costume or play hide and seek.

You house your dolls or cradle them to sleep. You attach cotton clouds to it and make
your own rainbow sky. You run your cars over this rainbow bridge. You even think about creating colourful wormholes to other galaxies". It gives creative liberty to the kid.

Rainbow stackers are the pinnacle of open ended toys and an irresistible collection
to kid's educational toys. Inspired by the Waldorf method also known as Rudolf Steiner’s school of education which has unique focus to work with the child’s scope to develop resilience by actively involving them to work with nature. Learning occurs through imitation, cooperation encouraging open ended play with the support of simple materials that enables a child to grow and nurture around the acts of rhythm and repetition all the while providing an environment suitable for good sensory experience.

There are no instructions or directions in open-ended play. A child instantly welcomes an open ended toy to their and starts playing with it. Our crux of toy making essentially revolves around this concept of open ended creative play and rainbow stackers are a must add on to enable the play.

Additional read:
Developmental milestones meter: By involving in pretend play and open ended creative play with the rainbow stackers, according to the child’s milestone meter, it helps address the following and more

Social/Emotional Milestones:

  • Likes to hand things to others as play
  • Plays simple pretend, such as feeding a doll
  • Explores alone but with parents close by
  • Points to show others

Cognitive(learning, thinking, problem-solving milestones):

  • Shows interest in a toy by pretending to feed, cradle and create own structures

 STEAM: STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

  • The addition of Arts to STEM revolutionizes the importance of applied arts in real situations.  Wo

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