Season Wise- Quick Thinking, Sorting, Preschool Learning Game

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Time to check if you’re Season wise! Halloween is in fall, Christmas in winter. You go sailing in summer and see butterflies in spring. When do flowers bloom and birds lay eggs? Hurry and answer, before the season changes again! A season card is opened and players rush to be the first to pick up the right season prop and place it on the right season board. If you are correct, you get to keep the card. The player with the maximum cards is the winner. A fast-paced, fun, double-association game- great for kids to learn about different seasons. For 2 to 4 players & Ages 3 to 6 years

LEARN THROUGH PLAY- Children will love learning about the weather, holidays, activities and events with our attractive board game! Super-fast game to develop their knowledge of seasons.
EASY AND ENGAGING- Flowers in spring, sun in summer, leaf in fall and snowflakes in winter. Turn a card-Santa! Quick- first player to grab the snowflake and put it on the winter board, keeps it. Fast reaction wins!
KEY SKILLS- Review picture cards and have discussions. Builds language and reasoning, categorisation, logical and critical thinking.
GREAT KIDS GIFT- Play together with friends, families or siblings at home. Encourages social interaction. Perfect gifts for boys and girls for a birthday party, back to school or any special occasion.
TRUSTED BY PARENTS AND TEACHERS- Chalk and Chuckles educational games help families unplug and connect with each other- building character and developmental skills.

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