Sensory Pasta Filler - Colored Pasta in 4 different patterns and colors

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Weight: 250g
Rs. 349



Colored Pasta is a great sensory play material that can be used to make all sorts of games and story pieces.  Sensory pasta has bright colors which are attractive for children and helps them strengthen their fine motor skills and master their hand-eye coordination. The texture of the pasta makes it easy for youngsters to be able to use their fingers and hands to touch, explore, create which improves the development of their gross motor skills and helps develop coordination skills. 

Your child is sure to enjoy playing with these beautiful colourful pasta. Use them in a sensory bin or for lacing activity - string some yarn. Add some colored bowls and scoops and let them practice scooping and transferring activity. Pair it with Lattoo Dough (organic playing dough) and help them create structures. Its a wonderful sensory refill pack for Lattoo Pasta Play

Let kids explore their creativity while they exercise their imagination and motor skills.

The pack comes assorted in 4 colors - Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and 4 patterns of Pasta (penne, macaroni, fusili, shell). This refill pack only comes with colored pasta.

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