Sensory Rice Refill Pack

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Size: 500 grams
Rs. 399



Playing with colored rice is fun and engaging and has a calming effect on kids especially at young age when its difficult for them to regulate their emotions. Sensory rice also helps children develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and decision making skills while they explore their world. They also learn life skills like sorting and measuring in a fun way.

Just put this rice in a bin, throw in some scoops and bowls (you can try our rainbow rice kit which comes with tools) and lets the kids do magic. Hide small toys in the rice and ask them to find the same. Or just let them drop it for a calming effect. The possibilities are endless

When the play is over simply store the rice in a jar or large zip loc bag and keep it in a dry place. It can be reused multiple times.

Comes in a single pack of assorted colors of rice

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