Set of 2 Domestic Animals and Pets and PREPOSITIONS Early Learning Educational Charts for Kids | 20"X30" inch |Non-Tearable and Waterproof | Double Sided Laminated | Perfect for Homeschooling, Kindergarten and Nursery Students

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Introducing Gowoo's set of 2 charts featuring Domestic Animals and Pets and Prepositions. These wall posters are visually appealing and educational, making them a perfect choice for room decor. The signs are printed on high-quality paper with hard lamination, ensuring durability and a long-lasting display.
The Domestic Animals and Pets chart showcases a delightful collection of familiar animals that children love, including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and more. Each animal is accompanied by its name, allowing children to learn and recognise different domestic animals. The vibrant illustrations and clear labelling make it easy for children to engage with the chart and expand their knowledge of animals.
The Prepositions chart focuses on teaching the essential concept of prepositions. It presents common prepositions like "on," "in," "under," "behind," and "between" in an engaging and visually appealing manner. Each proposition is illustrated with relatable examples, helping learners understand the meaning and usage of prepositions in everyday language.
These wall posters serve as decorative pieces and learning tools, creating an immersive environment for children. Hang them in classrooms, playrooms, or bedrooms to facilitate language development and comprehension skills. The high-quality paper print with hard lamination ensures that the posters remain intact and protected, even with regular use.
Enrich your space with Gowoo's Domestic Animals and Pets and Prepositions chart set. These captivating wall posters will beautify your room and enhance your understanding of animals and prepositions.

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